Welcome to Quere-Tacos & Carnitas

Welcome to “Quere-Tacos & Carnitas”! We are an authentic Mexican taqueria located in the heart of beautiful Seattle. Here in our cozy and colorful establishment, we offer a unique culinary experience that will transport you straight to Mexico.

At “Quere-Tacos & Carnitas”, we are proud to offer the best tacos, burritos, mulitas and quesadillas in town. Our ingredients are fresh and high quality, carefully selected to bring you authentic Mexican flavors in every bite.

Our specialty is tacos, prepared with freshly handmade tortillas and generously filled with a variety of delicious options. From the classic carne al pastor asado to juicy rotisserie chicken, each taco is full of authentic flavors and traditional spices.

Our food truck brings authentic Mexican flavor to your palate with tacos, burritos, mulitas and quesadillas you can’t resist.